Our mission is to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of individuals and communities through the development, delivery, training and research of mindfulness based teachings. We feel very deeply that these services be available to anyone who feels they may benefit from it, no matter their financial or social status.


Kingston Mindfulness provides mindfulness based courses for anxiety, depression, depressive relapse prevention, healthy eating, ADHD, stress reduction, and much more. 

We are also very passionate about intergrating mindfulness into the current education curriculum. Our teachers have been co-piloting multiple programs for a number of different schools througout the city.

Terry Ann Haynes

Founder and teacher, Kingston Mindfulness Centre

Graduating with a B.A. from Ryerson in Hospitality and Tourism, Terry felt the pull to mindfulness at a very early age. Spending her summers growing up in a cabin with no power or running water allowed her to experience freedom and connect to her inner-self at a very early age. Though it wasn't until she experienced a great personal loss later in life, and began feeling the debilitating physical and emotional effects of painful migraines, that she began to investigate alternative ways to treat her pain. Beginning with simple daily meditation and a gradual shift towards mindfulness, Terry was truly amazed by the changes in her life -- both mentally and physically. It soon became clear that teaching would be the next step in her life.


In addition to her work at the Kingston Mindfulness Institute and private counselling sessions, Terry is very passionate about integrating mindfulness into our education curriculum. She  has completed three pilot projects for the Limestone School Board where she works with students from grades 7-12. Terry has also been a guest speaker at dozens of different engagements, including the Care 4 U Conference and the Queen's University Conference on Education.

Terry is a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher, educated through the Oasis Institute Center for Mindfulness (CFM), at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Over four years of training is required for this accreditation, and much of that time was spent learning from and working with some of the top teachers and researchers in the field, including: Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn (Founder of MBSR), Saki Santorelli (Executive Director, CFM), and Florence Meleo-Meyer (Director, CFM).

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