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Stress Reduction Course

Based on the world-renowned teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn, our curriculum focuses on systematic and intensive training in mindfulness and mindful hatha yoga. The program is designed to teach program participants how to integrate and apply mindfulness into their daily lives and face the challenges that can arise from medical and physiological conditions and everyday life stresses.

The primary aim of this course is to develop new ways of learning and being that can be beneficial to all aspects of life, and reach far beyond the completion of this program.

2019 Fall Program Schedule

The program consists of an orientation session, eight weekly classes, and one half-day retreat. To fully benefit from this program, you must be willing to make a strong commitment to attend your regularly scheduled class. We understand that your time is valuable, but we ask that if you are unable to attend your regularly scheduled class, you make one up by attending a different class that same week.

Orientation Session

All those interested in participating in an eight week MBSR Course are invited to attend an orientation session. These Orientation Sessions are free of charge and are held four to six weeks prior to the beginning of the course. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Stress Reduction Course and explore whether it is right for you

  • Meet our program instructors

  • Experience, first-hand, mindfulness methods and approaches you will be learning during the program

  • Confirm your place in the class that fits into your schedule and enroll in the program.

Half-day Retreat

This guided retreat will take place between weeks six and seven. The intensive nature of this session is intended to assist you in firmly and effectively establishing the use of MBSR skills across multiple situations in your life, while simultaneously preparing you to utilize these methods far beyond the conclusion of the program. Having established a daily mindfulness practice during the previous six weeks, you will be better prepared to benefit from this retreat. Don't forget to bring a lunch, and any mats, cushions, blankets, or other items to help in your practice.​


Classes will be held at the brand new location of the KOPI Wellness Centre. This state of the art facility is located on the east end of Kingston, just off of Hwy. 15.

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Proud partner of the KOPI Wellness Centre
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